• Lessons are scheduled all year.  There are three terms: January to April, May to August and September to December.
  • There are no lessons on any statutory holidays or Christmas and Spring Break.
  • Summer lessons are offered and encouraged. Lesson days can be flexible to fit your holiday schedule.
  • NO food or drink is allowed at the lesson.
  • NO gum or candy is allowed at the lesson.
  • ALL students must wash their hands prior to each lesson.
Payment Requirements:

E-transfers are required before the first lesson of the month.  For term students, payment is required at the beginning of the term.  Please contact for more information.

Missed Lessons:
  • 24 hours’ notice is required for missed lessons.
  • Make-up lessons are available when 24 hours’ notice has been given; only 2 make-up lessons during the year.
  • All scheduling must be completed within the month of the missed lesson. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact us during that month to reschedule.
  • If a make-up lesson is missed, no other time will be offered.
  • If our instructor cancels a lesson, we provide a make-up time. This does not count against your limit of 2, as above.
  • If your child is late for the lesson, the remainder of the time will be used. No make-up is offered for latecomers.
  • If you choose to discontinue lessons, one month’s notice is required.
Books & Supplies:

Students must bring all music books and a notebook to each lesson.

Practice Routines:

The amount of practice time varies for each student and their current level. As a general guideline, a beginner student needs to aim for 10-15 minutes DAILY and, as they progress the time should increase accordingly. And it is always encouraged to do more than the recommended amount.