Why play the violin?

Posted by Miriam Gibb on October 4, 2014.
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I’ve been asked many times, “why did you start the violin” or “why should I play the violin”.

Well, I did not have a choice in the matter of what instrument to play though my mother has a different story. I was 3 years old and saw a group of 3 year olds playing violin together. My mother asked if I liked it and I, of course, said yes. That was the beginning.

The years of study have been gruelling. Let me be very honest with you: the violin is not an easy instrument to start. Being a typical teen, I did not want to practice. Playing violin, at my time, was not cool. I had better things to do like dreaming and homework. However, I played and practiced and took all my exams as requested. Then by grade 12, I had had enough and quit. I tried to play guitar but it was just not the same. A couple of years later, I suddenly woke up and realized something was missing. Where did I put that violin? What did it feel like to hold it and play it? Well, I found my then instrument and became very emotional and re-attached. I proceeded to take lessons and practice like crazy. I was addicted.

To date, I am still in a learning mode. I love learning. I am taking piano lessons and have taken singing lessons. I am also dancing. Music is my life. Without it and, particularly, my violin, I am lost. I love the feel of the instrument under my chin. I adore the bow and the horse hair that slides over the strings. My heart sings when my fingers glide over the strings. I can feel the music’s vibration in my soul.

If you decide to start with the violin, think carefully. It is a very difficult instrument to play. It takes dedication and a love for the journey. It is a beautiful instrument and will be your closest confidant. It will go everywhere with you and you will rely on each other. Your relationship with your violin and bow will be fruitful and yes, enjoyable, even after hours of practice!


  • asmaa says:

    I enjoyed reading your story with your violin .. I started in 2015, and yes agree with you its very difficult instrument, and i was not practicing as required. i started thinking to learn another easier instrument, but i found ,myself thinking of Violin and watching the famous violist and getting excited more and more to learn it … i rented one violin as i recently relocated to Canada and my violin is in the shipment.. i felt I’m missing something!

    • Miriam Gibb says:

      Thanks for your comment. I hope you are still playing. I know that if you work through the frustrations there will be many lovely moments with the music. Take care!

  • Fara S. says:

    My daughter, Fatima, started violin lessons five years ago, when she was 12 years old. At first, she was excited and had lots of enthusiasm, but shortly after, she lost interest and it had become a chore. There were a few reasons as to why she lost interest, one of them being an extremely strict teacher that discouraged her. Fatima wasn’t following his instructions when it came to practicing, and this lead to her teacher ending the lessons.
    All of the sudden, four years later, Fatima noticed that she really missed the violin in her life, so she asked me about taking violin lessons again. I believed it was just a phase, and that she would lose interest again, but despite of this belief, I enrolled her in Miriam Gibb’s violin class, and each week she was more interested than the last. Now, when Fatima plays the violin, it no longer feels like a chore to her, instead becoming one of her favourite hobbies, and this is all thanks to her wonderful violin teacher. Miriam has motivated Fatima to play an instrument like no other music teacher, and Fatima has played quite a few instruments in the past.
    Miriam is an amazing teacher, with fun and insightful classes, and she has changed Fatima’s entire view on the violin. Only such a kind and encouraging teacher as her would be able to make an instrument as hard as a violin, still incredibly fun and welcoming.

  • Mir says:

    Hello Fara. Thank you for the wonderful support. Teaching Fatima is a wonderful and enjoyable experience. I hope she keeps it up. She has a good talent and a lovely attitude! All the best.

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