Private and Group Violin and Theory Lessons

Please contact us for current rates.

Lessons will be either in-person or online.

Private lessons:

For the beginning student, the private lesson will be a 1/2 long. As the student progresses, this time should be increased to ¾ hour and then later to one full hour.

When a student has the benefit of a private music lesson, the student will receive the teacher’s full attention for their entire lesson and will benefit from a series of lessons that have been planned and tailored to the student’s own specific needs and learning style. Progress is comparatively swift and easy.

Group lessons:

Violinists typically play within a group and what better experience is there than to play with others. The feeling of kinship and a sense of belonging that one can attain in a group class can lead to greater progress and provide support when one has struggles. You can have all the benefits of private instruction with the opportunity to interact and play with peers. At Cecilia Music Academy, we will provide various opportunities to practice in groups and also to perform together.


There are many reasons in favour of learning music theory. At the beginning lessons, theory will be incorporated into the violin lesson. As the student advances, he or she should plan to take extra theory lessons. Why are theory lessons so important? Basically, learning theory will help a student understand how music works which includes rhythm, notes, and scales to harmony, voice leading and form. Understanding this opens up doors to the enjoyment of music. Theory gives the insight into how and why composers and performers do what they do.