Policies & Procedures

Please read carefully and print out for your records.


General Issues:
  • Lessons are scheduled from September – June.
  • There are no lessons on any statutory holidays or Christmas and Spring Break.
  • Summer lessons are offered and encouraged. Lesson days can be flexible to your holiday schedule. Information and summer lesson dates are available in May.
  • NO food or drink is allowed at the lesson.
  • NO gum or candy is allowed at the lesson.
  • ALL students must wash their hands prior to each lesson.


Payment Requirements:

Post-dated cheques are required at the commencement of lessons. Please make cheques payable to Miriam Gibb.

Students who begin lessons partway through our regular session are billed monthly, according to this formula:

Number of lessons from start date to end of June ÷ Number of months remaining in session = Monthly payment.


Missed Lessons:
  • 24 hours’ notice is required for missed lessons.
  • Make-up lessons are available when 24 hours’ notice has been given; only 2 make-up lessons during the year.
  • All scheduling must be completed within the month of the missed lesson. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact us during that month to reschedule.
  • If a make-up lesson is missed, no other time will be offered.
  • If our instructor cancels a lesson, we provide a make-up time. This does not count against your limit of 2, as above.
  • If your child is late for the lesson, the remainder of the time will be used. No make-up is offered for latecomers.
  • If you choose to discontinue lessons, one month’s notice is required.


Books & Supplies:

Students must bring all music books and a notebook to each lesson.


Practice Routines:

The amount of practice time varies for each student and their current level. As a general guideline, a beginner student needs to aim for 10-15 minutes DAILY and, as they progress the time should increase accordingly. And it is always encouraged to do more than the recommended amount.