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Welcome to Cecilia Music Academy

A music school in the Tri Cities offering private violin lessons for all ages and levels.

Traditionally, St. Cecilia of Rome is the patron saint of musicians and of music.  She is one of the most famous of the martyrs of Rome, and has been immortalized in poems and music throughout the ages, including in modern times. The National Academy of Santa Cecilia, founded by papal decree in 1585, is one of the oldest musical institutions in the world.  Her feast day, November 22, is celebrated, with music festivals and concerts, by many churches around the world.  St. Cecilia is frequently depicted playing either a small viola or a violin.

In her honour, Cecilia Music Academy strives for excellence in violin instruction.  We recognize the joy in beautiful music celebrated in honour of St. Cecilia.

Cecilia Music Academy offers opportunities for group ensembles and performances. We offer violin lessons that are designed around the student so that the student can discover their own musical talents and pursue excellence and self-expression.